About Us

Apart from imparting skills and knowledge, it is our desire to cultivate good character values through Christian Education to our children who are gifts from God and every parent’s most precious assets. ​​This is in line with the re-focus by Ministry of Education on moral and character development of students.​


A joyful early learning journey in grace and knowledge.

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Our Mission

Nurturing young children to become gracious and passionate lifelong learners.

Our Core Values

G – We believe each child is unique and needs to grow holistically and in Graciousness

R – We believe each passionate teacher respects and nurtures each child to be Respectful

A – We believe each child needs to learn to Appreciate all that he/she has

C – We believe teachers and parents can Collaborate for children’s holistic learning and growth

E – We believe children will learn Empathy when they observe acceptance, concern and care shown to those who are different


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Our Team

We have a team of dedicated, qualified and experienced teachers who are passionate in guiding each child through their preschool years.